Three Plane Theory

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So you’ve clicked on the link, welcome.

I wrote three plane theory over a four month period when I was first beginning to get interested in philosophy. Before I had read too much of what other philosophers had already written, I decided to put my own virgin thoughts down. I doubt they are truly my own thoughts, you never know how much others have affected you. This isn't an exercise of "oh gee, look at me and how smart I am." Not at all. I had a great time doing this, and I'd recommend that everyone spend some time thinking about their own personal philosophy and committing it to words.

The crux of the work can be described by this image.

The image shows three separate layers, the third hovering above the second above the first. Arrows connect the three together. If you already understand what it means, no need to read further. It was a pleasure having you visit. If you want to know what the image means, you’ll have to spend a fair amount of time word slogging. 15,452 words in fact.

Three plane theory is layed out chronologically by date into bite-sized pieces. I’ve edited it to make it more readable – added and subtracted bits for clarity – lost a few interesting tangents for sake of ease.

January 8 Reality, Actuality
January 9 Needs, Reality
January 15 Omniscience, Innocence
January 16 the Individualist, the Populist
January 19 Truth, Revelation, Belief, Faith, Prophets, Madness, Competition
January 20 Collective Reality, Ignorance, Religion, Science, Materialistic Progress, Nihilism
January 27 Action
January 28 Error and Success, Realization and Actualization, Omnipotence
February 4 Leadership, Time and Change, Revolution, the Zeitgeist, the System
March 6 Morals
March 11 Judging and Comparing Realities
March 15 How Many truths?
March 18 Recap
March 25 Communication
March 26 Isolation, Story
March 28 The three powers
March 29 Psychology
April 8 Charlatans, the Media
Conclusion Final thoughts

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